5 activities to do in Los Cabos with children

14 of February 2019. Written by: Ladera San José

Having vacations or spending time with family is about enjoying experiences that will last in our memory for ever. These are stories and adventures, related to a place, that we can talk about when we return home.

Enjoy these 5 activities together with children, is another way to live the nature in Los Cabos.


1.Sea, sand, fish and more fish

Los Cabos is one of the most recognized beach destinations in the world.

Everybody wants to take a look at the “world’s aquarium” ocean life. Palmilla, El Chileno, Santa María and Medano are some of the quieter and most recommended beaches to enjoy with young children and snorkel.  And if this is not enough, you can observe the ocean through the Yellow Cape Submarine.

This tour lasts 2 hours in a two-story boat where you can spend time on the deck or become part of the ocean with the underwater view. 

Photo: Yellow Cabo Submarine

2.San José del Cabo Estuary + Organic Market

This sanctuary in San José del Cabo shelters more than 100 species in 140 hectares of protected territory. It is posible only to acces on foot, to carry out contemplative activities and it is very worthwhile with children. If you are lucky you can see the Mascarita peninsular and the Vireo bell, both species in danger of extinction. Also the Cuitlacoche peninsular  and the Xantus Sapphire, the rascón limícola, the green egret and the chorlito nevado, among others.

A good option is to put together the Estuary visit with the Organic Market visit (very close to each other), as long as it’s Saturday, between 9 and 3 pm, from November to May. The Organic Market is an outdoor space for family meeting, with no access fee, with live music and delicious healthy food. There are workshops, water balls and lot of children to play with and make new friends.

Photo: Mercado Orgánico

3.Fonatur Playground

Climbing the swings or sliding are some of the preferred children activities of different ages. In San José hotel area there is a very complete and colorful park to take them. It also has a well-maintained soccer field for free use and basketball corner. On Saturdays and Sundays from 7 p.m., children can paint on lecterns from 35 mexican pesos in this park.

Photo: Fonatur

4.Whales and turtles

From December to April, humpback whales choose the Sea of ​​Cortez to give birth to their babies and it is possible to see them very closely on prepared boats. To see the face of your children when the whale emerges from the water near them, jumps and hits its tail in the sea, it is something to remember.

Another wonderful activity you can do with your children here is the release of sea turtles. ASUPMATOMA is an association that founded the first turtle camp in Baja California Sur in the 90s. With their guide and a short distance from Cabo San Lucas, your family can participate in the release of baby turtles and adopt one by giving it a name, while everybody learns about habitat and behavior. This activity requires prior reservation with the association.


5.Great activities and indoor free play at Koral Kids 

Koral Kids is a free play space for children between 0 and 12 years old, located within the Koral Center shopping mall, just in front of Ladera. Your children can be part of a wide variety of activities, games and workshops such as yoga, ukulele, musical initiation, photography, chess, taek wondo or aikido.

Once a month there is a also a movie afternoon. Once they feel comfortable and safe, you can decide if you want to stay and watch them play or taste the gastronomic options offered in El Merkado right there.

Photo: Koral Kids


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