San José del Cabo / Baja California Sur. Mx.

Ladera San José

A residential project with a deep respect for the environment.

Ladera San José is a residential project located in Cerro Colorado, in San José del Cabo. It has Houses and Condos that are built within a planned community that has Club-House, Walking Trail, Stellar viewpoint and Linear Park among other amenities, all developed with a deep respect for the environment and natural resources.

Inspired by nature, in creating architecture of the place.

The Architect Agustín Landa, promotes the idea of taking advantage of the views, topography, vegetation, and weather of the location. Timeless materials such as stone, wood and concrete are used with dyes extracted from the soil of the land to allow the project to blend with its surroundings.

The architecture is integrated to the place, all the buildings and houses open onto the terraces, take care of the sun and look for cross ventilation. You think about privacy, but it also opens completely towards the sea and the mountains.

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A meeting point and coexistence for our community.

Designed with outdoor recreation spaces scattered around the land, as they are, independent paths of the road with rest stations, a viewpoint at the highest point of the project, to meditate, a viewpoint to the stars at nights or simply admire the natural landscape at any time.

Ladera San José has a convenience plaza with 14 double-height stores, as well as office space on the third level of this commercial space and a large parking lot.

An unbeatable location that connects with the best services for your day to day.

Picacho McGregor

One of the best schools in the state, it has Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle School and High School. In addition to being bilingual and having sports and cultural classes.

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Koral Center

It has a wide range of services, such as Hotel Hampton, Hospital H+, Shopping Center, El Merkado, ModuVated Gym, Manoma Spa & Wellnes, etc.

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Master Plan

A planned community that connects with the activities of daily life.

Casas AscendentesManzana D Edificio 1, Torre B Edificio 1, Torre A Casa Club Plaza de Conveniencia Casas DescendentesManzana C Acceso con Caseta de Seguridad 24/7 Sendero
  • Phase 01

Phase 01

It consists of the excellent construction of a convenience plaza and an entrance to the development with security booth 24/7. The Club House, 2 buildings, each with 2 towers and 29 homes in ascending and descending houses, in addition to the infrastructure of streets and gardens for our settlers.

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